I have to say I was a little doubtful to begin with – being of the older generation – however it was a lovely surprise and I really enjoyed it and in fact got a lot out of it. All in all an excellent day thank you – what did I take home with me from the days’ session – Just get on and do it – and I have started – a better week this week than last,  so moving forward.  I wear my bracelet – it reminds me I have a job to do so I can lead the life I want to lead. Thank you Lucy really good to meet you.  Adrienne

Lucie Simic

Firstly, congratulations on such a wonderful day on Friday – it really was a mumazing success! Secondly, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other speakers and mums present and felt such a buzz from sharing my own thoughts. Thank you for letting me also take part in the course itself, I feel so inspired to carry on pressing forward with my busy work/home life balance and to try and make everyone around me proud. I will certainly be spreading the message of Mumazing Success and hope that we are able to work together again soon. Lucie

Stéph Marshall, Director at Retrostructure

I found my time with Lucy to be really useful and insightful. It helped me to clarify my goals and re-connect with the reasons as to why I set up in business in the first place. Her style is very relaxed and she asks good probing questions without being too intrusive.I would recommend Lucy to anyone looking for coaching on both personal and business levels. I look forward to working with Lucy again. Stéph Marshall, Director at Retrostructure

Angi, Bitpod

I am pleased to say that after spending the day with like minded mums in similar situations that my work life balance is nowhere near perfect but I am putting the steps in place to fix this. Work is much better for us as I have found a role that best suits me and the stress levels are nothing at all like they used to be. my. Your advice to me has been implemented into my life and I think I am getting there, so thank you Lucy I really appreciate the advice and support you have given me it has made a massive difference to how I see my life Angi at Bitpod


“I have a very hectic and demanding role in my job as a Regional Manager. With Lucy’s advice, I have created much more “life – work” balance in my life. I am very grateful for the advice Lucy has given me. By making some small changes, these have led onto bigger changes. By setting clear goals, creating an action plan and then supporting me and encouraging me along the path, I have achieved much more than I anticipated. Lucy has a very pragmatic, positive and proactive approach to encouraging positive change. I liked the way that she is very kind, but also has a keen eye for focus on any issues. I would describe Lucy as having a “holisitic” approach, she works closely with all aspects of life, in order to create clear goals for the future. I thoroughly recommend Lucy – as she has a gift for inspiring others! Rhiannon”

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