Hello Beautiful Mum 🙂

  • Are you holding onto dreams and desires your soul sings for?
  • Do you feel you have a purpose but you are not exactly sure what that looks like?
  • Are you feeling so disconnected from your truth, you’re not sure you’ll ever even get close to it?

I see you lovely and I promise – you are not alone.

The Mums that come to me feel the same way – and it wasn’t so long ago that I did too.

You may notice there are no ‘Buy Now’, or ‘Get In Touch’ buttons shouting at you here. That’s because I don’t believe in quick fixes. I want you to know a little of my story, then make up your mind. If you can’t get to the end of this page, we’re not ready to work together yet.

I’ve been there

I stood in my kitchen in 2016, somewhere between fury and despair. I was feeling completely burned out – I’d been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, my relationship was making me miserable, I was pushing hard in my business but with no financial rewards. I’d invested in programme after programme, course after course, yet nothing clicked with me, my struggles remained.

I’ve been there

Despite exhaustion, I put on a big awards event for Mums, partnering with a high end magazine – very much a step-up. I pushed myself well beyond my comfort zone, as the face of my own brand and presenting to an audience of exceptional, entrepreneurial women. Despite my nerves the feedback was amazing and incredibly positive. It should have been a breakthrough, the momentum I needed.

Heeding the Call

Later that night I got a call from my harshest critic. They pulled my success apart and emptied all the joy out of it.

I can’t say exactly why, but that call sparked a revelation. It was as if someone turned on the light and I realised I was surrounded by people who only wanted to cut me down and criticize, and that I too had become critical – I didn’t feel good about me, so I didn’t feel anything else was good enough either, my job, my partner, my friends.

Inward and upward!

After that call I made a decision: I was going to take a journey inside and work on the biggest blocks that were getting in the way of my truth. I worked with a therapist, confronted the damaging relationships in my life, including my relationship with myself, and stopped looking to place blame ‘out there’. In effect I began to be my own parent.

Today I am so grateful for the losses and hurts, because they taught me who I am.

Inward and upward!

It’s been a harsh journey. I’ve had to learn to be vulnerable and come to understand the strength in this. I’ve lost friends, left my partner and felt all the pain of fighting for change against the expectations of loved ones and the habits of a lifetime.

There’s also no end, we always have more to learn, further challenges to meet. The difference is that now I feel real, like I’m flowing with the course of life, not always fighting against the tide. I feel stronger and wiser, and problems are tasks I meet, not troubles I run from.

Now I believe it is my duty to work with other amazing Mums who want to take the plunge too, and break unhealthy patterns for themselves and their children. Everyone’s route is unique, but we all need support – and that’s where I come in.

Finding You

One-to-One sessions

The one to one intimacy sessions involve deep spiritual coaching. I intuitively connect with you and your barriers, to free you and move you closer to the big dreams and desires you crave so you can be the authentic you.

It really is magic!

Because of the nature of this work I am very selective about who I work with and these intimate sessions are not for everyone.

  • You have to be ready to go deep inside yourself
  • The honesty in sessions can be intense and uncomfortable at times
  • You have to want to invest in your long-term growth and not see this as a quick fix or a simple way out of something

If you are ready to get real with yourself and start working towards your dreams, then book in a discovery call where we can see if we are a good connection for each other.

Let’s connect!

07788 988018


We can arrange a quick chat on the phone or a coffee meet-up, whatever suits you.

There’s no charge, I’ll even buy you a coffee.

This is often a Mums first step into the unknown and that makes it precious. I want to ensure it’s as easy as possible for you.


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