Mumazing is a community of amazing mums, a place where you can thrive, grow and create the life you dream of.

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Mumazing enables mums to meet in person and online. While sessions are led by experts, they also allow mums to share their own wisdom and ideas.

More than simple training or coaching, Mumazing is about helping you to find your voice, be part of your own change, and part of a community which creates positive change for everyone involved.

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Our meetings are friendly and open, giving you the chance to see if Mumazing is right for you.

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Our meetings are held in Exeter. We also have sessions available in North London/Herts.

Lucy receiving her Stardust Award 2017

Meet Lucy

Hello, I’m Lucy Flanagan and I’m delighted you’ve found us!

I became a single mum and had to face many challenges, caring for my daughter while ‘majicking up’ money being just one of them! I learned a lot the hard way, and started Mumazing to help other mums learn a little easier.

In the beginning I was scared that it would all prove too much for me, who was I to start a business!? Now Mumazing has grown to become an award winning community!

Mumazing isn’t just for single mums or ‘super-mums’ – we’re here for EVERY MUM who wants to change their life. If I can do it, you can do it too, and I want to help make that happen.

Wherever you are – we’re here

I have a very hectic and demanding job. With Lucy’s advice, I have created much more ‘work/life’ balance. I have achieved much more than I anticipated.


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I can honestly say that Lucy is one of the most grounded, honest and real people I’ve met, and she really cares.


If you want to work on pushing yourself and your business forward get in touch with Lucy.


I would recommend Lucy to anyone looking for coaching on both personal and business levels.